Your Homewood neighborhood's cul-de-sac. Red Cat Coffeehouse's parking lot in Pepper Place. Your office building just outside of Hoover. Our car lot in Birmingham. What do these nonexotic places have in common? You can start your Hyundai test drive at any of these locations. Wherever you are, we'll gladly deliver your next Hyundai to you - or simply get it ready for your spin around the block at our dealership. Your choice.  

Don't wait for the world to come to you. Book your Jim Burke Hyundai test drive below, and we'll start prepping that Elantra, Venue, Kona, or whatever Hyundai model you're interested in. (Bull's horns, meet your hands.) 

Test Drive FAQs

Taking a test drive is serious business for some. But you should still have fun! To ensure you make the most of your Hyundai test run, we've answered some of our customers' most common questions below. 

Why do I need to send my driver's license? 

Our Birmingham car dealership requires you to have a valid driver license in order to take a test drive. Similar to when you take a test drive at the dealership, we will need to verify you have a valid ID. If you would prefer to not scan your license, please select the Go to Dealer option and bypass license scanning. 

Why can't I choose a color or trim?

You can! After you book your test drive, you can start a conversation with your Jim Burke Hyundai dealer through messaging, and then you two may handpick the vehicle you'd like them to bring. Just text back to the confirmation text message. A certified Jim Burke Hyundai Sales Representative will be picking you up for your test drive. You'll be notified when they leave for your test drive. To see a picture and the name of the sales rep, download the Hyundai Drive app through the link in the text message sent after submission. 

Can I cancel a test drive?

Once a test drive is booked, you can cancel the test drive by texting CANCEL DRIVE back to the text sent to you. Our auto dealership near Hoover will be notified that you would no longer like to take a test drive. We hate to see you go! 

Can I change my Hyundai flexible test drive location?

Download the Hyundai Drive app through the link in the text message sent after submission, open your test drive request, and click the edit button in the top right corner. 

On the map to choose my location, I have two options, "Come to me" or "Go to Dealer." What's the difference?

  1. If you select "Come to me" a Hyundai sales representative will come to the location of your choice, with the model vehicle of your choice, at the date and time you select. 
  2. If you select "Go to Dealer" you will still choose the date, time, and model vehicle you'd like to test drive, and you will head to the closest available dealership for the test drive. The nice part is you now have a booked appointment and the sales representatives will be ready to go when you get there. 

You're far away. Can I still get a test drive to come to me?

If you're in Birmingham, Hoover, or any other nearby area, then yes, Jim Burke Hyundai will gladly bring you a vehicle to test drive. We may be limited by time and distance, so please connect to the sales representative from our Birmingham Hyundai dealership for details.