Hyundai Recall FAQs: What You Need to Know

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Today’s modern automobiles are technological marvels. They’re packed with complex electronics and precisely engineered parts built to exacting tolerances. While most vehicles on the road today are reliable and safe, occasionally issues arise where a manufacturing defect requires a factory recall.

Even with its enviable record of automotive excellence, Hyundai is not immune to issuing safety or service recalls on certain vehicles from time to time. If you happen to own a Hyundai and receive a recall notice you might be wondering what it means and what you should do about it.

Hyundai takes its responsibility for resolving recalls seriously and is committed to being honest, transparent, and responsive when a factory recall is issued. Therefore, we compiled the following list of common recall FAQs to help you easily navigate the recall process at Jim Burke Hyundai. We’ll take care of the problem and get you and your Hyundai back on the road again with the least amount of hassle.

Q: Why Did I Get a Recall Notice from Hyundai?

A: If you received a recall notice from Hyundai, it means that either Hyundai or the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) has determined that your specific vehicle model has a mechanical or electronic defect that could pose a risk to your safely operating the vehicle.

Hyundai works closely with the NHTSA to ensure that it complies with the United States Code for Motor Vehicle Safety, which defines motor vehicle safety as: “The performance of a motor vehicle or motor vehicle equipment in a way that protects the public against unreasonable risk of accidents occurring because of the design, construction, or performance of a motor vehicle…”

Q: How Do I Get My Hyundai’s Recall Fixed?

A: If you live in Birmingham, Bessemer, Hoover, Gardendale, or surrounding communities, please contact our Jim Burke Hyundai Service Center at 205-324-3371 and speak to a representative to schedule service. Or you can conveniently schedule a Hyundai recall service appointment online.

Q: Can I Use Hyundai Blue Link® to Schedule Recall Service?

A: Absolutely! If your Hyundai is equipped with our Blue Link® complimentary three-year connected car service, you can press the “Service Link” button on the rearview mirror to conveniently schedule your car for service at Jim Burke Hyundai.

Q: What Information Do I Need to Provide the Dealership?

A: When you schedule service, we’ll ask you to give us your unique Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). This number will help us specifically identify your Hyundai so we can pull up the correct recall information for your vehicle. We will also ask that you provide us with a telephone number and an email address so we can contact you regarding the recall. Remember to bring your recall letter with you when you take your Hyundai in for service.
Q: How Do I Locate My VIN?

A: When it is built, every vehicle is given a unique, 17-digit code at the factory. This VIN code for a car is much like a Social Security number is for a person. It allows car dealerships and government agencies like the DMV to specifically identify the vehicle. When you purchase or lease a vehicle, the VIN can be used to confirm ownership. When you sell or trade-in the vehicle, the VIN is then transferred to the next person who buys it.

You can find your Hyundai’s VIN in several ways:

  • Etched into your car’s windshield or on a metal plate located on the lower left of the driver’s side.
  • On a bar-code sticker on the driver’s side door jam
  • On your vehicle registration
  • On your car title or loan documents
  • On your insurance card or policy

Q: Should I Take My Recalled Hyundai to a Local Repair Shop to Get Fixed?

A: No. You must take your Hyundai to a licensed Hyundai dealership for it to be properly repaired. If you take your recalled Hyundai to a local mechanic, you run the risk of the repair not being done correctly. This could void your vehicle warranty and cost you a pretty penny, too.

Q: How Much Will the Recall Repair Cost?

A: Nothing. Nada. Zilch. Zero. Jim Burke Hyundai will repair the recall problem at absolutely no cost to you. So long as you take your recalled Hyundai to a licensed Hyundai dealership anywhere in the country, the recall will be repaired free of charge.

Q: How Can I Find Out if My Hyundai Has a Recall?

A: If you’re wondering if your Hyundai has any outstanding recalls, there are many easy ways you can look the recall up yourself. Here are links to three online lookup tools you can use to see if your new or pre-owned Hyundai has any pending recalls:

  • Hyundai Recall Lookup Tool
  • NHTSA Recall Lookup Tool
  • Recall Lookup Tool

You can also just give our Jim Burke Hyundai Service Department a call at 205-324-3371, provide us with your VIN and we’ll be happy to look up any possible recalls on your vehicle for you.

Pro Tip: These tools are also handy if you’re planning to buy a used car from either a dealership or a private party. The law requires that car manufacturers and dealers fix the recall problem before any new or used vehicle can be sold. Otherwise, they could be faced with significant penalties.

You can request a dealer or private seller to provide you with a free copy of the vehicle’s CarFax report which will detail any repairs made or recalls on the vehicle.

Q: What If I Don’t Get the Recall Fixed Right Away?

A: It all depends on the specific nature of the recall. Some recalls may involve a serious safety-related issue that should be addressed as soon as possible. For your peace of mind, our best advice is to have your Hyundai’s recall fixed at your earliest convenience regardless of what type of issue it is.

You Have Questions. We Have Answers.

We hope that you’ve found these Hyundai recall FAQs helpful. If you have received a recall notice on your Hyundai, would like further information on Hyundai recall repairs, or would like to schedule Hyundai service near Birmingham, please contact our Jim Burke Hyundai Service Department at 205-324-3371 and we’ll be happy to assist you. You can also email us at [email protected] or visit us online at

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