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How to Safely Navigate the Dangers of Deer Season

Driving During Deer Season

It is early autumn, and the sun is just starting to set. You’re driving home from work, maybe listening to the latest episode of your favorite podcast or your favorite Spotify playlist, and then suddenly – oh, “deer”! Before you can even process what’s happening, a deer has leaped across the front of your vehicle. Deer season is quickly approaching, so we’ve collected some statistics on Alabama’s deer season, deer collision prevention strategies, and guidelines on what to do if you hit a deer (or other wild animals).

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Flash-forward: Ideas for Road Trips from Birmingham

The idea of spending some time at home and only leaving for food may have seemed like an idyllic life to some, until the Alabama stay-at-home order. Now, it seems like you spend your day trying to work from home while your kids log on to their computers for classes and online learning. Sometimes, you're convinced that your home is actually getting smaller as the shelter-in-place order stays in place.

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